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Tank Head

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Precision Metal heads and bottoms are produced in a cold forming process. All heads and bottoms can be subjected to heat treatment after cold forming in accordance with the production code

As a strategically oriented, family-run business, we attach top priority to our customers’ economic success and consider no compromises when it comes to quality.

PuRuiSen Metal - Torispherical heads, Elliptical Heads, dished bottoms for tanks and further specially formed parts for pressure vessel


Why Choose Us?

Shandong PuRuiSen Metal Products Co., Ltd is a company specializing in the manufacture and sale of steel hemisphere, dished heads, ellipsoidal head, elliptical pressure vessel heads, hemispherical tank heads,half sphere, conical heads, etc., our Products are exported to the United States, UK, France, Australia, and many other European and American countries. As the world's largest dish end manufacturer, torispherical head supplier, boiler tank head wholesaler,, we have a complete set of production system and after-sales service system.