Ellipsoidal head is used in almost every industry. With the expansion of use, the number of manufacturers is increasing. At the same time, the market competition for ellipsoidal head products has become increasingly fierce. In the market,We see that the price of the same type of stainless steel head products varies widely. Why is this happening?

First of all, different manufacturers produce stainless steel head products.the processing cost is quite different.For example,solve the weld seam. The first requirement is to use a pressure drum machine to polish the weld bead, then solve the weld seam, stop the stamping, need to perform the fine grinding process. Some manufacturers only do not process after grinding once, which leads to rough weld quality and affects later use.

The second is the cost of materials. In fact, as a manufacturer, the quality of raw materials for processing elliptical heads is different, the costs are different, and the final profit will be affected. 304 materials are currently used on the market. When customers purchase products, they need to choose according to the actual situation. It is recommended to choose a product made by a regular, reliable manufacturer.

The third is related to the cost of the mold. In fact, the quality of the mold has a great influence on the quality of the elliptical head. Poor mold quality can result in scratches or other defects in the head product being produced. The quality of the mold is closely related to its price, so it will ultimately affect the price difference of the product.

In summary

we can see that the price of oval head products varies greatly in the market. Therefore, you must pay attention to more resolutions and more comparisons when purchasing. When buying an oval head product, be sure to polish your eyes and pay more attention before you can purchase your favorite product.

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