In 2017, in the global carbon steel hemisphere market, Shandong Precision Metal Co., Ltd., a professional tank head manufacturers. Glorious achievements have been made. Sales ranked in the top five in the world, and the market share increased significantly, from 13% in 2016 to 19%, an increase of 6%. As for the market prospects in 2018, we have also made a comprehensive forecast, and there is still one month in the first half of this year. Our marketing is also very good. The market sales performance is very good. We have focused on the development of Russian customers in 2018. We have retained several markets in Southeast Asia, Australia, and the United States on a good national basis. The strategic goal of the company’s development is to think about Europe and Russia for the Delin countries. The traffic is very convenient.

Under the leadership of the “Belt and Road” advocated by Xi Jinping and North Africa, countries in West Asia and North Africa have also come to many customers. Initially, we reached a strategic intentional cooperation. We strive to achieve the goals set at the beginning of the year, with market share rising to 23% and sales exceeding $60 million. Nowadays, many customers are increasingly aware of our stainless steel hemisphere products. The elliptical head or ellipsoidal head has also successfully opened the Egyptian market. Although we are used to religious beliefs, we have many differences with our customers, but we are very satisfied with the quality of the above products.


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