18Apr 2018

In China, Precision Metal Products Co., Ltd. is one of the best manufacturers of stainless steel hemispheres and one of the best tank head manufacturers. They have advanced production equipment, leading the world and perfect production process. There are a group of leading manufacturing workers. They are very cautious about every product they produce. Strive […]

07May 2018

Steel has a wide range of applications in aerospace, geology and a variety of other applications. We manufacture specialty metal hemisphere for aerospace, geology and a variety of other applications. In the United States, as the largest exporter of our products, many of our equipment has our steel hemisphere, and we are always committed to […]

09May 2018

In 2017, in the global carbon steel hemisphere market, Shandong Precision Metal Co., Ltd., a professional tank head manufacturers. Glorious achievements have been made. Sales ranked in the top five in the world, and the market share increased significantly, from 13% in 2016 to 19%, an increase of 6%. As for the market prospects in […]

10May 2018

2:1 elliptical head manufacturers factory, steel hemisphere Manufacturing Company wholesale elliptical head and export best cheap elliptical head, product line covers elliptical head,elliptical head plow bolt,elliptical dish end,dished ends for tanks, boilers, pressure vessels, industrial equipment.. Our mainly markets include the U.S, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Africa area, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Malaysia […]

11May 2018

Standard hemispherical tank head manufactures in china We produce semi-elliptical tank heads , dished tank heads , conical dished tank heads, standard dished tank heads,dished only tank heads, dished tank heads. We manufacture tank heads in many different configurations from 4″ to 275″ in diameter. We form carbon, stainless, aluminum, and many other exotic materials using the […]

19Jun 2018

An excellent web based tool for Ellipsoidal Head thickness calculation under internal pressure. It also gives allowable Stress of material at a desired design temperature. This and many other tool for Pressure Vessel design as per ASME Section VIII Div. 1 would be useful for Static Equipment Engineer. Heads are formed steel plates for pressure […]