15Jan 2019

In the cold December, our company ushered in a busy stage, receiving a lot of foreign orders, including Brazil, USA, Italy, Germany, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, the factory’s production plan is very full, the workers master overtime to complete production progress. At this critical moment, everyone has always maintained a state of selflessness with […]

03Jan 2019

On December 9th, foreign guests from Poland visited our company and the two sides had a pleasant exchange. Accompanied by Chairman Sun and related leaders, the customer visited our production workshop and sample room. In the process of investigation, I gave a high evaluation to all aspects of our company! Polish customers have a strong […]

18Dec 2018

Before the ellipsoidal head is used, it needs to be surface-coated to ensure the performance and appearance of the equipment is not damaged. Many customers don’t know much about this aspect, so today we will introduce the surface treatment of the elliptical head. Some features The elliptical head not only has the material and powder, […]

12Dec 2018

On December 11th, Russian customer Ilia came to our company again to conduct ellipsoidal head business negotiations. At 8:00 am, the customer arrived at the company as scheduled. The two parties held more than two hours of technical and project cooperation and exchanges in the conference room. Mr Ilia is full of praise for the […]

11Dec 2018

Ellipsoidal Head height is divided into Straight edge height and Arc height .One important part of the measurement is the height of the dish head. After the dish head is pressed,There will be a small amount of longitudinal wrinkles in the straight side.Therefore, each head must be trimmed.Cut off the wrinkles,So what is the standard […]

05Dec 2018

What is Ellipsoidal Head The elliptical head is also called an ellipsoidal head, and the elliptical head is a head consisting of a rotating elliptical sphere and a cylindrical straight section.An elliptical head with a ratio of long and short axes of 2.0 on a rotating ellipsoidal busbar is customarily referred to as a standard […]