As a professional manufacturer and supplier of ellipsoidal head , Shandong precision metal receives hundreds of customers from all over the world. When interviewing customers, we found that many problems were not actually understood by customers.For example, how to calculate the elliptical head surface area.Because some customers insulate the elliptical head in winter. For example, customers in Russia and the Nordic countries, the United States, and Canada will encounter this problem.

However, in practical applications, if the elliptical head is heat preservation, it does not need to be calculated so accurately. The remaining glass wool can be used elsewhere. In general, the approximate value of the project can be used.
In engineering practice, in general, the surface area of the head is equal to 1.66 times the area of the plane circle, and then multiplied by the thickness, which is about the volume of the insulation cotton.
For example, if you say that the diameter is one meter five, then the surface area of the head is 1.66 * 3.14 * 0.75 square * 0.1, about 0.3 cubic is enough.
In actual engineering, if you do this, you should buy it in large quantities, and then use as much as you can. It is not necessary to do accurate calculations.

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