15Nov 2018

Stainless Steel Flange Information The flange is a disc shaped part. Mainly used in pipeline engineering. The two flanges are used together with the flange on the valve. In plumbing, flanges are primarily used for pipe connections. In the pipelines to be connected, various types of flanges are installed. For low-pressure pipelines, and the welding […]

05Nov 2018

Large diameter heads are used in pressure vessels for petrochemical equipment. The convex head is divided into a standard elliptical head, a non-standard elliptical head of any length and short axis, a torispherical head, and the like. The blank blank unrolling diameter can be calculated according to the design manual formula. Instead of a standard elliptical head, […]

03Nov 2018

Dished only Head is a component used to close the end of the container , so as to realize the isolation of the internal container from the external medium, it also called end cap. The head of a cylindrical container is usually a truncated shell. It can be divided into convex, conical, flat and combined shapes […]

03Nov 2018

Cold stamping is a pressure processing method , which is a stamping die apply pressure to a sheet at a normal temperature ,and cause plastic deformation to obtain a workpiece of a desired shape and size. The cold stamping Ellipsoidal Head has precise dimensions, good consistency, excellent surface quality and is suitable for mass production. […]

31Oct 2018

Ellipsoidal head is used in almost every industry. With the expansion of use, the number of manufacturers is increasing. At the same time, the market competition for ellipsoidal head products has become increasingly fierce. In the market,We see that the price of the same type of stainless steel head products varies widely. Why is this […]

23Oct 2018

Recently, China successfully developed a 11.8-meter diameter headed boat juice tank.11.8m diameter headed boat juice tank is the first marine juice tank of this size in China, which fills the gap in the field of marine juice tanks in China. “Present, there is no manufacturer that can spin the 11.8m diameter thin-walled head in China […]

27Aug 2018

Tank head is used in a wide range of applications including industrial, agricultural, and transportation and so on. But with the progress of the times, our demands for beauty are getting higher and higher, and we are paying more and more attention to the quality of life. So the tank head has now entered our […]

04Aug 2018

The tank head is one of our company’s products. We accept customization, mass customization, and retail. We have high standards of production equipment and production workers. Our company main products include  spherical shell plates, elliptical heads, dish end , flat bottomed head, spherical head, expansion joints, corrugated furnace and other non-standard shape items etc. Moreover, throughout […]

01Aug 2018

Conical heads supplier in India The conical heads is a head having a conical surface on the surface of the casing. The utility model is characterized in that the medium can be uniformly changed in speed when passing through the medium. And the viscous liquid and the solid-containing material are easily removed. The mechanical properties […]

27Jul 2018

Flat  heads, also known as a flat-bottomed flat head, with a flat bottom and a slightly folded edge. It can be divided into shape: flat bottom punching head, flat bottom tube sheet head, folded flat head. Precision is a menufacture of customized flat heads  with a large range of knuckle radius. The flat heads are […]

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