Recently, China successfully developed a 11.8-meter diameter headed boat juice tank.11.8m diameter headed boat juice tank is the first marine juice tank of this size in China, which fills the gap in the field of marine juice tanks in China.

“Present, there is no manufacturer that can spin the 11.8m diameter thin-walled head in China . Therefore, The order we received is the first in China. In addition, Citrosuco is the world’s largest producer of concentrated orange juice, accounting for Brazil. About 45% of the product market and 25% of the global market. In addition to juice, Citrosuco also sells industrialized orange juice by-products such as essential oils and animal feeds. If the project is delivered smoothly, it will have a positive impact on our future expansion of domestic and foreign markets. “The relevant person in charge of the company said, “Because we have not produced such a large-scale head before, the pressure can be imagined.”

The head is the end cover on the container. The main pressure-bearing elements of the container mainly serve as sealing, and can be divided into a dish shape, an ellipse, a sphere, a cone, a flat bottom and the like. The 11.8-meter head made by the juice tank project belongs to the dish shape, and the 14.7-meter head is spherical. Marine juice tanks mainly transport bulk juices. They are hygienic containers with self-contained insulation and refrigeration systems, which require extremely high sealing. In addition, considering the impact of the impact of the waves, the structure of the tank needs to be particularly strengthened, and the manufacturing process of the juice tank needs to be certified by the classification society.

11.8-meter diameter headed

11.8-meter diameter headed

According to the person in charge, the quality of the head is directly related to the long-term safe and reliable operation of the pressure vessel. For the 11.8-meter head, if you follow the usual processing method, you need to adopt the traditional method of pressing the top circular arc plate and the surrounding watermelon flap. This type of production requires investment in specialized molds and assembly of the tire carrier. After the flap is pressed and formed, it is also necessary to pre-group, cut, re-pair, weld, and calibrate on the pair of the tire frame. Among them, the welding and non-destructive testing work is large, the labor is invested, the production cycle is long, and the cost is high. Therefore, the traditional production method will undoubtedly bring great pressure to the smooth delivery and cost of the project. “In combination with the actual situation of the company, after comprehensive consideration, we still decided to subvert the tradition and independently develop a 11.8-meter thin-walled head.”

To this end, the equipment company set up a research team consisting of younger generations of key personnel such as production, welding, and crafts. After many discussions and optimizations, the production method of “central top circular arc plate plus integral outer cone” was proposed, which will be once pressed. The drum was changed to two drums, and a new method of overall flangeting was added. Many of the details were fully demonstrated and a trial plan was prepared. The team of the research team followed the trial process throughout the whole process. After 10 days of trial production, the difficulties were finally overcome and the overall production was successful.

“Compared with the traditional production process, this one process innovation can save about 2 million yuan. The successful trial production of the 11.8-meter diameter head also produces the spherical top seal of the subsequent 14.7-meter-diameter land-based storage juice tank. The process provides a reference and useful experience.” The person in charge said, “There is a basic guarantee for the timely delivery of the overall project order.”
At present, 15 11.8m marine juice tanks have been successfully delivered to the shipyard for installation and piping systems are being installed. Four 14.7m land-based storage juice tanks are also being pickled and will be delivered to Citrosuco as scheduled.

steel hemisphere is a part of the container. According to the geometry, it can be divided into spherical, ellipsoidal head, dish, spherical crown, cone shell and flat cover.

The spherical, elliptical, dish-shaped, and spherical-shaped heads are collectively referred to as convex heads. Used in a variety of container equipment,Such as storage tanks, heat exchangers, towers, reactors, boilers and separation equipment.

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