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The conical heads is a head having a conical surface on the surface of the casing. The utility model is characterized in that the medium can be uniformly changed in speed when passing through the medium. And the viscous liquid and the solid-containing material are easily removed. The mechanical properties are poor, and the discontinuous stress generated by the sudden change of shape at the joint with the cylinder or the joint is large.
Due to the large wall thickness of the tapered head, it is inconvenient to manufacture and is only used when the process requires it.

The expansion of the conical portion is a fan shape. The radius of the fan shape = the length of the conical line (l), the central angle of the fan shape α = D × 180 / l.  The cone type head is also called the conical head. And it  is a cold stamping Thermoformed, shaped like a cone head. Conical heads are commonly used in a variety of pressure vessels and pressure lines.

If you don’t know how to choose the conical heads just like you don’t have a life goal,just follow me to read a little story.

A story of the goal in life and work:

Three workers are laying bricks on the construction site. Someone asked what they were doing.

The first worker said slyly: “Don’t see it? I am building a wall.”
The second person answered seriously: “I am building a building.”
The third person responded happily: “I am building a beautiful city.”

Ten years later, the first worker was still building a wall, the second worker became the manager of the construction site, and the third worker became the leader of the city.

How far we can go, how far we can go. At the same starting line, attitude determines everything; touch the life with good heart and emotion!  The small work you have is actually the beginning of a big business. Whether you realize this means that you can make a big business.

If you are like the first person, and you are struggling to face your own work, I think that no matter how good the work will not be effective. And the same ordinary work, the same seemingly simple and dull, boring, some people can be happy . The face of the mood, in the ordinary to perceive extraordinary, to build their own dreams in simplicity, I think there is no difficulties can not be overcome.

Successful people always have a big vision,  ideals, and have their own goals in life. They won’t only see the predicament in front of them and do nothing!

Now you can make a plan about how to choose your conical heads. If you are interested,come  to our company and have a look and then you may have a new think.

Our customers belong to different industrial sectorsand we manufacture a large range of  heads and cones to varying shapes and standards: Torispherical head or bottom, Klopper heads (DIN-28011), Korbbogen heads(DIN-28013), spherical caps, flat heads, Flanged only Head, dished heads for low pressure, spherical covers, diffusion heads, cone heads, Cones for Pressure Vessels, PRC heads(NFE 81-101), MRC heads (NFE 81-104), GRC heads(NFE 81-102), elliptical heads 1,9:1 (NFE 81-103), elliptical heads 2:1(ASME), hemispherical heads, tank head, Shallow Head, Inverted Dished heads and Inverted Cones…

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