Cold stamping is a pressure processing method , which is a stamping die apply pressure to a sheet at a normal temperature ,and cause plastic deformation to obtain a workpiece of a desired shape and size. The cold stamping Ellipsoidal Head has precise dimensions, good consistency, excellent surface quality and is suitable for mass production. Due to the cold stamping process, no fuel is needed, energy is saved, exhaust gas emissions are reduced, thereby reducing the impact on the environment and material。

Cold spinning is a spinning process under normal temperature conditions, also known as metal spinning forming technology. By rotating, the force is applied from point to line from line to surface, while giving a certain pressure  in a certain direction. A technique of deforming and flowing in this direction to shape a shape. Here, the metal material must have plastic deformation to form flow properties, and the spin forming is not equivalent to plastic deformation. It is a complex process of plastic deformation and flow deformation. The spin forming technique is not a single strong spinning or ordinary spinning,it is the combination of them both. For spinning products, in addition to flat bottom heads, preforming is typically performed prior to spinning, such as pressing drums. The cold spinning method is suitable for the manufacture ,a products of non-standard diameter size, which can save the cost of stamping die.

Hot spinning is a kind of processing technology of metal spin forming. At present, hot spinning applications are less in the processing of Ellipsoidal Head. It is a forming process , heating the metal to a suitable temperature and spinning while heating. Hot-spinning products are suitable for thicker non-standard diameter productions , it is easy to grasp for varying diameter sizes than hot pressing.

The hot stamping forming process utilizes the principle of metal thermoplastic,  it improve the forming properties of the material ,and greatly expands the application range of  ultra-high-strength steel. It is suitable for the manufacture of thicker Ellipsoidal Head, and the manufacture of special materials. However, due to the heating method, the fuel is used, which has a great influence on the environment. Since the material has a great influence on the material itself. During heating, the performance of the raw material is destroyed , and it needs to be heat treated again, after the product is formed to restore the properties of the material. Due to the hot stamping, the thermal expansion rate of the product . So environmental factors have a great impact, and dimension control after hot stamping is relatively difficult.

Segement is a drum forming process, generally using cold working, depending on the material, there is also heating method. The product range of the segement processing,it is generally a product or a profiled product ,that is made entirely beyond the existing stamping equipment . According to the shape, the product of the segement needs to make a specific mold, and the general processing cycle is long, so the segement processing process is selected only under special conditions.

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