Before the ellipsoidal head is used, it needs to be surface-coated to ensure the performance and appearance of the equipment is not damaged. Many customers don’t know much about this aspect, so today we will introduce the surface treatment of the elliptical head.

Some features

The elliptical head not only has the material and powder, the heat exchange between the material and the water, but also the erosion of the inner and outer sides of the material of the device, as well as scaling and rinsing. For example, the complicated process environment cannot be encountered by other types of equipment.

The smaller the longitudinal bending resistance to the edge of the board, the easier it is to lose the wrinkles. For example, in the medium containing S, Cl-, carbon steel will produce severe corrosion, stainless steel will produce pitting and stress corrosion cracking, and can not ensure the long-term safe operation of the heat exchange equipment; therefore, the organic coating of the elliptical head generally needs a certain thickness. It requires multiple coatings and high temperature baking. The construction process is complicated, and its temperature resistance is not good, especially the elliptical head of the oil.

Each test is to be purged with high pressure steam, so it is easy to cause coating damage. In addition, the uneven heating temperature of the blank, the gap between the mold and the lower corner of the lower mold, and the too small or uneven blanking force can produce wrinkles and bulges of the surface coating. Because the curvature of the ellipsoid surface of the head is smooth and continuous, the stress distribution of the surface coating is relatively average, and the depth of the oval head is much less than that of the hemisphere.

It is easy to be stamped and formed. It is the most widely used head in medium and low pressure containers.


The surface coating treatment of the elliptical head ensures that the appearance and performance of the equipment are not lost, which prolongs the service life of the equipment.

The quality of the surface coating treatment is also one of the criteria for determining the quality of the equipment, so everyone is buying this. When things are things, the quality of the equipment can also be judged based on the surface of the equipment.

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