The head is an indispensable part in the pressure vessel equipment of petrochemical, atomic energy and food and pharmaceutical industries. According to different geometric shapes, it can be divided into spherical, elliptical, dish, spherical crown, cone shell and flat cover, among which spherical, elliptical, dish, and spherical crowns are collectively referred to as Convex head. In the welding, it is divided into a butt welding head and a socket welding head. Used in a variety of container equipment, such as storage tanks, heat exchangers, towers, reactors, boilers and separation equipment. Materials include carbon steel (A3, 20#, Q235, Q345B, 16Mn, etc.), stainless steel (304, 321, 304L, 316, 316L, etc.), alloy steel (15Mo3 15CrMoV 35CrMoV 45CrMo), aluminum, titanium, copper, nickel and nickel Alloys, etc.

Precision Metal Tank Head manufactures semi-elliptical tank heads, ASME flanged and dished tank heads, ASME 10-10 flanged and dished tank heads, ASME high crown flanged and dished tank heads, flanged and conical dished tank heads, standard flanged and dished tank heads, flanges and shallow dished tank heads, flanged only tank heads, dished tank head, flared and dished tank heads.We manufacture tank heads in many different configurations from 4″ to 275″ in diameter.We form carbon, stainless, aluminum, and many other exotic materials using the finest head making equipment available today.

Origin of the Head:

Pipeline equipment manufacturing industry as a characteristic industry of Yanshan, originated in the 1970s, can only produce simple elbows, flanges and other pipe fittings at first. After more than 30 years of support and cultivation, the industrial scale has increased by hundreds of times. The system has been continuously improved and developed into a complete industrial system covering pipelines and pipe fittings. As the world’s largest steel hemisphere manufacturer, for sale, supplier, wholesaler, Shandong Precision Metal Products Co., Ltd have a complete set of production system and after-sales service system.

The execution standard of the head:

Pressure vessel head GB/T25198-2010

Pipeline standard



Power standard



Petrochemical standard



Shandong Precision Metal Products Co., Ltd is a company specializing in the manufacture and sale of steel hemisphere, the company main Products are: dished only head, flat heads, dished and flanged heads, half sphere, conical heads, etc., our Products are exported to the United States, UK, France, Australia, and many other European and American countries. As the world’s largest steel hemisphere manufacturer, for sale, supplier, wholesaler,, we have a complete set of production system and after-sales service system.

Our company main products contains: spherical shell plates, elliptical heads, dish end , flat bottomed head, spherical head, expansion joints, corrugated furnace and other non-standard shape items etc. Moreover, throughout the year, there are every types of standard stock heads in stock to deal with customers’ urgent need. And our products are sold across to 20 or more provinces and regions across the country, and also overseas.The main application is Aviation manufacturing,Petrochemical,Steel bridge,Medical instruments,Offshore,Electronic field,Automobile industry,Parts processing,for fire pit and so on.Our customers belong to different industrial sectors: Petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agro-food, logistics, transports, tanks, water treatments, environment, industrial boiler, heat exchangers, etc.

If you need the Head or you want to know the Head,please contact us. And we will give you a detailed introduction or you can come to our company’s web site.

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