ellipsoidal head height

Ellipsoidal Head height is divided into Straight edge height and Arc height .One important part of the measurement is the height of the dish head.

After the dish head is pressed,There will be a small amount of longitudinal wrinkles in the straight side.Therefore, each head must be trimmed.Cut off the wrinkles,So what is the standard size of the cut dish head?

The dish head standard GB/T25198-2010 mentioned that when measuring the straight edge height of the hemispherical head, the butterfly head, the cone head and the like with a ruler, when the nominal diameter of the elliptical head is DN≤2000mm, the straight side The height h is 25mm; when the nominal diameter of the head is DN>2000mm, the height h of the straight edge of the elliptical head is 40mm, and the tolerance of the straight side height is (5–10)h.

However, the height of the plane like a flat-bottomed head can be agreed by both the supplier and the buyer. There is no certain relevant standard; and the other non-standard head sizes need to be lengthened by the length of the straight section.

For instance

I considering inside Diameter is 1650mm, Crown sweep is 1650 mm, Knuckle span is 165 mm, Straight face is 50 mm.

Formula for to calculate height any type of Ellipsoidal head or Dish is:

= ID X 0.25 + S.F + THK
= 1650 X 0.25 + 50 + 10
=472.5 mm

ID = Internal Diameter, SF = Straight Face, THK = Thickness

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