What is Ellipsoidal Head

The elliptical head is also called an ellipsoidal head, and the elliptical head is a head consisting of a rotating elliptical sphere and a cylindrical straight section.An elliptical head with a ratio of long and short axes of 2.0 on a rotating ellipsoidal busbar is customarily referred to as a standard elliptical head. The mechanical properties of the elliptical head are second only to the hemisphere head, but superior to the dish head.

Ellipsoidal head use:

1. The pipe is in the head. If it is not ready to be extended, it will be welded to the pipe with a head and used as an end.
2. Use on a pressure vessel with a head at each end and a straight pipe section in the middle for use as a pressure vessel.

Since the depth of the elliptical head is between the hemispherical head and the torispherical head, the requirements and manufacturing difficulty of the stamping equipment and the mold are also between the two, that is, easier than the hemispherical head and more difficult than the torispherical  head. In recent years, the use of a spinning manufacturing process has brought convenience to the manufacture of a large-diameter elliptical head. The ellipsoidal head is widely used in medium and low pressure vessels due to its comprehensive performance.

Upkeep Precautions

1. The chloride ion content of the water pressure test shall not exceed 25mg/L, and shall be blown dry in time after the test.
2. Stainless steel pickling cannot use hydrochloric acid or the like to reduce the acid.
3. Strictly observe the media compatibility specified in the “Regulations”
4. Prevent bumps and scratches on the surface of stainless steel oval heads.
5. Prevent direct contact with carbon steel and avoid iron ion contamination.
6. Do not store in the open air, rainproof.
7. Avoid forced welding. The structure is designed to prevent excessive stress.
8. After the elliptical head and the barrel are welded, it is necessary to clean the weld, the heat affected zone and surrounding weld slag, splashes, contaminants, and perform PT inspection and surface pickling.

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