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800mm mild steel half sphere used for firepits for sale

Hemispherical heads allow more pressure than any other head. However, the hemispherical head is the most expensive to form, as they consists of a number of petals or gores. The number of which depends on the size of the head and the thickness of the plate to be used. The depth of the head is half of the diameter. 


800mm mild steel half sphere used for firepits

Diameter Inner Diameter: 800mm , Outer Diameter : 812mm
Thickness 6mm
Material Carbon steel , Mild steel
Surface Finish Natural Finish ,Sandblasting ,Painted
Package Plywood or steel pallet, steel shelf (depends on quantity)
Unit Weight 49 kgs
MOQ 1pcs


Carbon Steel Hemisphere Normal Size (Diameter )
20mm 250mm 1500mm
30mm 300mm 1800mm
40mm 350mm 2000mm
50mm 400mm 2500mm
60mm 450mm 3000mm
70mm 500mm 4000mm
80mm 600mm 5000mm
90mm 700mm 6000mm
100mm 800mm 7000mm
150mm 900mm 8000mm
180mm 1000mm 9000mm
200mm 1200mm 10000mm


If you are interested , pls kindly show us more detailed information as following :

  • D. — Outside Diameter
  • D. — Inside Diameter
  • — Thickness (nominal or minimum)
  • A.H. — Overall Height
  • H. — Inside Height
  • F. — Straight Flange
  • — Radius
  • R. — Dish Radius
  • K.R. or I.C.R. — Inside Knuckle (or corner) Radius
  • D.D. — Inside Depth of Dish


Precision also specialises in double curved forming in stainless steel and mild/carbon steels. These include:

  • Torispherical and hemispherical domes
  • Stainless steel spheres
  • Long radius, large diameter stainless steel tube bending and components
  • Mild steel domes/carbon steel domes
  • Stainless steel dished ends
  • Aluminium dished ends
  • Copper dished ends
  • Metal spheres
  • Tank fabrication
  • Pressure vessels
  • Stainless vessels
  • Tank heads
  • Dished heads
  • Dairy tanks

Whether your needs are large or small we want your business. We ship 10 to 2000 pieces anywhere and stock sufficient quantities to fulfill large orders on short notice.

We are proud to have been the first to provide hemisphere industry and we continue to be a high quality, reliable, low cost source for  steel half sphere for sale worldwide.



  • Accuracy of diameter – we are the only manufacturer that can guarantee the right diameter so you can be sure it will fit.
  • Top quality fabrications – so you know your customer will be happy and it will be easy for them to put together.
  • Value – our patented process ensures our end products are better quality and a more economical price.
  • Quantity – we can offer a one off one unit production or a whole production run depending on what you need.
  • Custom made to your requirements – we make what you ask for and you get a product that fits.
  • Delivery – we deliver Worldwide – on time every time.

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