• Conical Heads6
  • Conical Heads6

304 stainless conical head cone for tank

Supply Ability:
2000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging Details
1, Shipment by bulk OD more then 5000mm
2, GP Containers for OD within 2200mm
3, FR Container OD within 4000mm
4, Iron Cage and wooden pallets
or according to your requirement
Qingdao, Tianjin, Shanghai, any port in China


304 stainless conical head cone for tank

Product Description:

Conical Head (also called the tapered tank head) is widely used for vessel bottom or cover plates.Our asme conical head is often made with carbon steel,stainless steel,austenitic and non ferritic metals that can be cold worked.With the shape of concentric cone,the toriconical head consists of a large end cone and a small end.Cone and large end of the connection,due to geometric discontinuity,the radius of curvature of the mutation,so there will be a large lateral thrust,causing a large edge stress,prone to bending,it is necessary to strengthen.The cone head of the tapered head type is divided into CHA (30),CHA (45),CHA (60) by half angle.According to the size of the end of the type is divided into non-folding conical tank head and hemming conical dished head.

304 stainless conical head cone for tank


Stainless steel, carbon steel and non ferritic metals that can be cold worked

  Fabrication Method

Cold dishing and flanging or pressing

  Size range 50mm-10000mm with integral formed,larger sizes with subsection formed can be specified.



  Edge preparation

According to your requirement.


By TÜV or other inspection companies


Mainly in brewery, food industry.Also available in oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental and military industry.



The conical head is applied for the bottom of the pressure vessel to facilitate the collection and removal of internal materials and for the connection of two-stage vessels of varying diameters (also known as variable diameter sections).


304 stainless conical head cone for tank

   High quality                                        Precision size                                   Beautiful surface

   Passed the ISO9001:2008 quality           We can provide the out size from          Professional manual processing,

system authentication and                      89mm to 10000mm,the thickness          no burr.

ROHS authentication.                             from 2mm to 300mm.


304 stainless conical head cone for tank



304 stainless conical head cone for tank

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