• Dished and Flanged Heads6
  • Dished and Flanged Heads6

Ellipsoidal Head/Dished Ends

Supply Ability:
2000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging Details
pressure vessel dished heads adopt standard export package
Qingdao, Tianjin, Shanghai, any port in China

Ellipsoidal head/dished ends

1. We own Asian unique production line which can make diameter of 12m heads .Besides we manufacture A3 head with high quality and competitive prices.

2. Standard:ISO9001:2008;GB/T25198-2010

3. Testing : non-destructive(UT,RT,MT,PT)
carbon sulphur analysis instrument
non-contact type temperature measuring apparatus
WE-60type omnipotent testing machine
examine the thickness appearance

4. Forming method:cold and hot pressing,cold and hot spinning,hot formed,punching

5. License:Manufacture License of Special Equipment People’s Republic of China(A3 Head)

6. Application:Our different material and specification heads can be used in many fileds,such as petroleum,chemical industry,boiler,pressure vessels,railway transportation,metal structure,water supply facilities and aerospace engineering,etc.

7. Head’s gradient as follows:
Straight edge
Tolerance of total depth(height)
outer:1.5mm inner:1.0mm
outer:2.5mm inner:1.5mm

outer:6%h&≤5 inner:4%h&≤3

8.Tolerance of groove angle and groove dimension ,groove surface roughness as follows:
groove angle
groove dimension
groove surface roughness
no cracks,delamination,inclusions and other defects

9.Material:mild steel,low alloy steel,carbon steel,stainless steel,clad plate

Type code name: EH
Use shape parameter frequently: Di/(2hi)=2
Symbol explanation: Di – Head internal diameter
H – straight side altitude
The hi – altitude of curved surface
The II – Head degree of height overall
δ n – Head nominal thickness
May processing scope: Di 159 – 7500mm

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