• Elliptical Head
  • Elliptical Head

Stainless steel tank steel hemisphere torispherical dished head

The hemispherical shape is superior to the torispherical shape in strength. Hemispheres are the best shape for mixing vessels such as pharmaceutical manufacturing bowls, because the corner which can cause burning-on of product in a torispherical shape, is therefore eliminated. Our hemispheres are of extra smooth contour, so that agitator blades swipe the surfaces much more effectively.


Precision Metal has a high quality cheap torispherical dished head for sale. From South Korea, Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, UK and other customers have cooperation relationship with us.  These heads have a dish with a fixed radius (r1), the size of which depends on the type of torispherical head.

Product Description

1. Grade: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum,Titanium,etcAccording to customers requirement.

2. Size: 89mm–10000mm

3. Standard: ANSI, ASME ,MSS, API, DIN, JIS

4. Certification: ISO9001 ,ISO14001,OHSAS18001

5.Name:stainless steel tank steel hemisphere torispherical dished head

Carbon Steel
Surface Treatment
Sand Blasting,Pickling
Hot pressing,cold pressing
Such as oil, chemical industry, water conservancy, electric power,
boiler, machinery, metallurgy, sanitary construction etc.

Company Information

Shandong precision metal company is a specialized manufacturer of tank head. With over 15 years of engineered driven expertise ,it is a recognized leader within the tank head industry in china.With unique head forming, fabrication and heat treating capabilities, we offer a diversified range of products. Head diameters is from 3.5″ to 393.7”, and Head thickness is from 0.078″ to 11.8”. Pressure vessel heads and tank ends are available in a broad range of sizes, shapes, thicknesses and material specifications.

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