stainless steel hemispheres4

steel hemispherical head

The hemispherical shape is superior to the torispherical shape in strength. Hemispheres are the best shape for mixing vessels such as pharmaceutical manufacturing bowls, because the corner which can cause burning-on of product in a torispherical shape, is therefore eliminated. Our hemispheres are of extra smooth contour, so that agitator blades swipe the surfaces much more effectively.


1. Grade: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum,Titanium,etcAccording to customers requirement.

2. Size: 89mm–10000mm

3. Standard: ANSI, ASME ,MSS, API, DIN, JIS

4. Certification: ISO9001 ,ISO14001,OHSAS18001

5.Name:steel hemispherical head

Main Products Torispherical; 2:1Semi Ellipsoidal; Hemispherical; Flat Bottom; Floating Heads; Tank Heads; Dish Heads; Dished Ends; Pipe Caps….
Material Carbon Steel;Stainless Steel; Aluminum; Exotic Alloys; Special Steel…
Technology 1.Cold & Hot forming ;
2. Hot Pressed Hemispheres and Cold Formed Segmental Hemispheres;
Treatment 1. Intermediate & Final stage Heat Treatments;
2. Sand / Shot Blasting after Heat Treatment;
3. Weld Edge Preparation (Manual & Machined)

1. Liquid Penetrant Examination;
2. Ultrasonic Testing;
3. 100% Radiography Testing of weld seams;
4. Magnet Particle Examination;
5. Inspection under various Third party Inspection Agencies
6. NDT (after forming) : DPT, RT, MPI, UT;
7. NDT : 100% DPT, UT & RT OF weld joint

Welding 1. X-ray quality welding;
2. Edge beveling (machined)
3. Roll, Tack Re-roll or Fully Welded w/ X-Rays and Partial Data Reports
Services Additional services include Custom Part Burning, Welding, Beveling, Pickling, Charpy Impact Testing, Sandblasting, Hardness Testing, Ultrasonic Testing and more
Application Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers etc.
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