Torispherical Head

Torispherical Dish end

Supply Ability:
2000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging Details
pressure vessel dished heads adopt standard export package
Qingdao, Tianjin, Shanghai, any port in China


Torispherical Head (also called torispherical dish end or torispherical ends) is widely applied for pressure tanks to storage liquids and gasses. The torispherical head consists of a spherical surface, a cylindrical edge of a certain height, and a transition section connecting the above two parts with a radius of curvature smaller than the radius of the sphere. Our asme torispherical head can be made with carbon steel, stainless steel, austenitic and non ferritic metals that can be cold worked. The stress distribution of Torispherical Dish end is not as uniform as elliptical head, but the manufacturing processing of the torispherical head is easier. However, torispherical dish end is the better option when the elliptical head of the mold processing is difficult. We can fabricate torispherical ends in most popular sizes and thicknesses.

Torispherical Head Specifications

Materials: Ferritic, austenitic and non ferritic metals that can be cold worked.
Fabrication Method: cold dishing and flanging or pressing.
Dimensions: up to 8,000 mm diameter and 30mm thickness.
Edge preparation: according to your requirement.
Approval: ASME.
Inspections: by TÜV or other inspection companies.

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