Mild Steel Hemisphere

Mild Steel Hemispheres

 A perfect roundness for fire pits ball
  • Spun Made
  • 45° welding groove
  • 89mm-3500mm size range
  • High quality carbon/mild steel Q235
  • 2.0mm to 16mm thickness available.
  • anti-rust oil
  • Rust Patina (Iron Oxide) Finish available

Size range from 19mm to 4000mm

Pipe End Cover 36 Inch Mild Steel Hemisphere

Pipe End Cover 36 Inch Mild Steel Hemisphere

Mild Steel Steel half sphere for fire pit bowl

Our metal spheres and hemispheres are fabricated in various thickness and material types for diverse uses including duplex stainless steel pressure vessels,pharmaceutical tanks ,vacuum vessel,manure spreader tanks,plastic moulds ,cement silo ends,marine buoys ,dome bottom silos and air receivers .

China manufacturer stainless steel hemisphere end cap dished head

Asme hemispherical head is one kind of the head,which is made according ASME standard,mainly used in petrochemical, atomic energy, food, Pharmaceutical Industry and other industries.It is indispensable important components of pressure vessel is one part of industrial autoclave,oil storage tank,boiler, etc.

1/4 30 and 36 inch Hemispherical Heads Dish

Hemispherical Head (also called hemispherical tank heads or hemispherical dish ends) is widely applied to make pressure tanks to storage liquids and gasses.

Professional High Quality 36″ Mild Steel Hemisphere or dish head

Hemispherical heads allow more pressure than any other head. However, the hemispherical head is the most expensive to form, as they consists of a number of petals or gores. The number of which depends on the size of the head and the thickness of the plate to be used. The depth of the head is half of the diameter. 

Supply cast iron carbon steel hemisphere , half sphere fire pit and bowl

The company main products contains: spherical head, elliptical heads, dish end , flat bottomed head, torispherical head, cone head, semi ellipsoidal head, etc. Moreover, throughout the year, there are every types of standard stock heads in stock to deal with customers' urgent need. Our products are sold across to 20 or more provinces and regions across the country, and also overseas.The main application is Aviation manufacturing,Petrochemical,Steel bridge,Medical instruments,Offshore,Electronic field,Automobile industry,Parts processing,for fire pit and so on.