The tank head is one of our company’s products. We accept customization, mass customization, and retail. We have high standards of production equipment and production workers.

Our company main products include  spherical shell plates, elliptical heads, dish end , flat bottomed head, spherical head, expansion joints, corrugated furnace and other non-standard shape items etc. Moreover, throughout the year, there are every types of standard stock heads in stock to deal with customers’ urgent need.

A story about getting alone well with people for you:

Everyone who has been to the temple knows that the first step is the Amitabha, the smile is welcome. And in the north, it is the particularly serious Veda. In fact, a long time ago, they were not in the same temple, but in different temples.

Mi Yue Buddha is very happy, so there are a lot of people coming, but he lost three and four, and did not manage the accounts well, so he still can’t make ends meet. Although Wei Tuo is a good manager, but the face is too dark, too serious, making people less and less, and finally no incense.When the Buddha discovered this problem while checking the incense, they placed the two in the same temple. The Maidfo was responsible for public relations and welcomed the guests, so the incense was booming. And Wei Tuo iron face is selfless, serious, and he is responsible for finance and strict control. In the division of labor between the two, there is a bustling scene in the temple.

In fact, there is no waste, everyone has his place to play value.

About our company:

Our products are sold across to 20 or more provinces and regions across the country, and also overseas.The main application is Aviation manufacturing,Petrochemical,Steel bridge,Medical instruments,Offshore,Electronic field,Automobile industry,Parts processing,for fire pit and so on.

If you hava any needs,please contact us and we will give you the answer in the first time.

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