Large diameter heads are used in pressure vessels for petrochemical equipment. The convex head is divided into a standard elliptical head, a non-standard elliptical head of any length and short axis, a torispherical head, and the like. The blank blank unrolling diameter can be calculated according to the design manual formula.
Instead of a standard elliptical head, the derivation formula must be mathematically calculated according to the unfolding principle to make the blanking reasonable, thus ensuring the quality of the stamping head. The formula for calculating the diameter of the non-standard elliptical head blank blank is now deduced. Since the main section curve of this head is composed of an elliptical surface and a straight side height h cylindrical surface, its surface area is composed of two parts.

Main Products

oil tank head, large diameter head, carbon steel head, spinning head, pressure tank head, pressure vessel head, dust tank head, gas tank head, boiler head, oval Head, oval head, butterfly head, dish head, stamping head, thin wall head, small caliber head.

Company Strength

Our factory has two production lines of spinning and 3500T molding, and is equipped with advanced testing equipment, X-ray inspection, magnetic powder, spectrum, thickness gauge, and other professional testing equipment, head series; can produce 18-7000 caliber each Material, elliptical head, elliptical head, ball head, butterfly head, dish head, flat bottom head, conical head, borderless head, etc.
With years of production technology, high-quality products, and good reputation, we have been recognized by our customers. The products are well received by customers all over the country.

Company Value

Precision Metal adheres to the business philosophy of “Quality is the brand, integrity is the future”. Adhering to scientific production technology, strict quality management, advanced service concept, reasonable sales price and serving customers, it not only establishes the perfect corporate image of the company. And won a good reputation among domestic and foreign users, and established a stable cooperative relationship with customers, the products are exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.
In recent years, the use of a rotary manufacturing process has facilitated the manufacture of large-diameter elliptical heads. The elliptical head is widely used in medium and low pressure vessels due to its comprehensive properties. In the process and technology of large-diameter carbon steel head production, the company mainly adopts the world’s advanced cold-processing technology and technology, and the head products produced are beautiful in appearance and high in quality.

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