Steel has a wide range of applications in aerospace, geology and a variety of other applications. We manufacture specialty metal hemisphere for aerospace, geology and a variety of other applications. In the United States, as the largest exporter of our products, many of our equipment has our steel hemisphere, and we are always committed to producing products according to customer requirements. Many countries in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, have our strategic partners.

Many people say how to buy better steel hemispheres and tank head in the era of global trade, or where to buy steel hemispheres. How to ensure that the quality of the products can meet the relevant standards. At this time, we will choose several companies with many years of production experience. Precision Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of thousands of companies in the steel hemisphere worldwide. Here you can find the feeling of being at home, we can improve our production technology according to your standards.

Buy steel hemisphere basic knowledge

The head is mainly used to close the container. The inside of the container is isolated from the external media. The heads of cylindrical containers are generally twisted housings.

According to the shape of the surface, it can be divided into  convex shape,  conical shape,  flat plate shape, and combined shape.

convex head refers to a head having a convex surface, such as hemispherical shape, elliptical shape, dish shape, and non-folded spherical head.

Classification of steel hemisphere

For example, in practical applications, we have seen that some cylinders use a combination-shaped bottom head that is inwardly facing inward, so that it can not only meet the strength requirements, but also ensure safe use. This product is mainly used in a variety of container equipment, such as storage tanks, heat exchangers, towers, reactors, boilers and separation equipment. Materials include carbon steel (A3, 20#, Q235, Q345B, 16Mn, etc.), stainless steel (304, 321, 304L, 316, 316L, etc.), alloy steel (15Mo3 15CrMoV 35CrMoV 45CrMo), aluminum, titanium, copper, nickel and nickel Alloys, etc.

Combined with the current application, the head has become an indispensable part of pressure vessel equipment in many industries, such as petrochemical, atomic energy and food and pharmaceutical. As an end cap on the pressure vessel, the component is a primary pressure-bearing component of the pressure vessel and functions as a seal. It is an important component for actual production.

So what is the specific application situation? Usually, one is to use the head product as the upper and lower bottom of the tank-shaped pressure vessel. In another case, when the pipe is at the end and is not ready to extend forward, use a head to weld the pipe. The form is sealed.

It can be seen that there are some products that are close to the function of the head at this time, such as blind plates and caps, but the two products are detachable. After the head is welded, it cannot be disassembled. The matching fittings are pressure vessels, pipes, flanges, elbows, tees, crosses and other products. The quality of the head is directly related to the long-term safe and reliable operation of the pressure vessel.

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